EACS Guidelines

EACS produces the European Guidelines for treatment of HIV infected adults in Europe. So far the treatment guidelines have been translated from English into 11 additional languages.

The first HIV treatment guidelines were published in Aids, Volume 17, Supplement 2 June 2003. A pocket version was first distributed at the 10th European AIDS Conference / EACS in Dublin in 2005. The guidelines are regularly updated by our teams of specialists.

ANNOUNCEMENT (February 2016):
Version 8.0 of the EACS Guidelines (dated October 2015) is now available. Version 8.0 includes major revisions to almost all sections of the EACS Guidelines. Most notably, the antiretroviral treatment (ART) recommendation of when to start ART has changed based on the results of the START study, and the co-infections section has been updated to reflect the major advances in anti-HCV treatment with direct acting antivirals (DAAs) and the phasing out of interferon-containing treatment. Read more… 

Download the latest English online version 8.0, dated October 2015. Previous English versions are available for download here

Please e-mail comments and suggestions about the EACS Guidelines regarding content and translations to guidelines[at]eacsociety.org.

Printed versions can be ordered from EACS. Please contact info@eacsociety.org for more details.