Installing the H&V News Web App

Install on iOS Device (iPhone / iPad)

To install and access the HIV & Virology News web app on your iOS device. Follow these steps...

  1. - Open the Safari web browser on your device and navigatie to:
  2. - Click on the button in the middle on the bottom Safari toolbar (iPhone) / top toolbar (iPad).
  3. - Choose the ”Add to Home Screen” button.
  4. - Optionally enter a new name for the app (default is ”H&V News”), and then press the ”Add” button.

Close Safari, to go back to your Home Screen where you’ll now find the added H&V News app!
Click on it´s icon to launch the app.

Install on Android Device

  1. - Go to in your mobile or tablet web-browser.
  2. - Bookmark the webapp in your browser.
  3. - Open the browser “bookmarks” screen.
  4. - Long-press the H&V News webapp bookmark.
  5. - Select “Add to Home screen”.
  6. - Open the webapp from your Home Screen.