NEW Magazine in the field of HIV and Virology

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Magazine HIV and Virology NEWS. Graeme Moyle, UK, Magnus Gisslén, Sweden, Jose Arribas, Spain and Christine Katlama, France, has decided to distribute a new European HIV magazine HIV and Virology NEWS together with a publishing company, Mediahuset in Sweden. The first issue was published in june 2011.

HIV and Virology News will be a quarterly publication with four issues per year. The magazine is to be distributed free of charge to all those specialists with prescription rights in the field of Infectious diseases in 13 countries including the UK/Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Switzerland, and will be subsequently extended to include more countries in Europe.

The magazine itself, is in English with all content being HIV and virology related. It will also include summaries of research results from the above mentioned countries as well as consensus relating from the fields of HIV and virology. Also featured will be educational programmes and excerpts from seminars and conferences.