Hepatitis C treatment at the time of liver transplantation(LT)

10 patients with hepatitis C on a waiting list for LT were treated
with directly acting antivirals (DAA). While on treatment with
DAAs LT was performed and treatment continued in the early
postoperative period without any interruption. All patients had
cirrhosis with or without hepatocellular carcinoma. Treatment
consisted of sofosbuvir in combination with an NS5A inhibitor
and/or ribavirin. One patient received ribavirin only, while 5
were treated with ribavirin and an NS5A inhibitor, and four patients
were treated with an NS5A inhibitor without ribavirin.
No patient interrupted treatment because of adverse events
and all the patients achieved sustained viral response 12 weeks
after treatment discontinuation.

Ref; Skoglund et al. PLoS ONE 2019 14(2): e0211437.

Comment: Patients treated with DAAs who are undergoing LT
do no need to interrupt ongoing therapy and can achieve sustained
viral response despite undergoing LT during therapy.