Issue 3-2019

  • Issue 3-2019

    Letter from the Editor
    Magnus Gisslén

    Are women with well-treated HIV still at higher
    risk of developing cervical cancer?
    An update on HPV related cervical disease in women living with HIV
    Christina Carlander

    Weight Gain Redux: More from Mexico
    Graeme Moyle

    Surveillance of patients who have achieved a
    sustained virologic response after treatment
    for hepatitis C: the more the better?

    Johannes Vermehren

    Trials of Initial ART at IAS 2019: Weighting the Data
    José R Arribas

    Hepatitis at the ILC 2019
    Per Lundblad

    Increasing diversity and population reach
    Per Lundblad

    Test, simplify treatment and cure
    Per Lundblad

    Notes 2019
    Leo Flamholc

    Topical Conferences 2019