Retreatment of patients failing glecaprevir/pibrentavir (G/P)

MAGELLAN-3 is an ongoing study of patients with different
hepatitis C genotypes who had previously failed in Abbvie G/P
studies. Retreatment is given with a combination of G/P with
ribavirin and sofosbuvir. Patients with genotype 3 and/or compensated
cirrhosis and/or experience with NS3/4A protease
and NS5A inhibitors before virologic failure are treated for 16
weeks while all others receive 12 weeks of therapy. So far 23
patients have been treated and 22 patients have attained sustained
virologic response. Only one patient with genotype 1a and
compensated cirrhosis failed the second line therapy.

Ref; Wyles et al. J Hepatol 2019;70:1019-1038

Comment: Cure rates for hepatitis C are very high with the available
DAA:s. It is reassuring that effective treatment options
are available also for the small minority of patients that fail first
line therapy.