EACS 2019

Welcome to the EACS Highlight Webcast

Here you will be able to see the webcast from our EACS Highlight meeting, where our two prominent speakers, Prof. José Arribas (Spain) and Dr. Laura Waters (U.K.), together with moderator Prof. Magnus Gisslén (Sweden) summarized and discussed the most important highlights from the European AIDS Conference in Basel.

The meeting was made possible by an unrestricted medical education grant from Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd. The final content of the program will be decided exclusively by the moderators/speakers. Gilead will not be able to influence the program.

About the speakers

Prof. José Arribas
Ass. Professor of Medicine at the Autonoma University School of Medicine in Madrid. Research director at the HIV unit of La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

Dr. Laura Waters
GU/HIV consultant and HIV & hepatitis lead at the Central And North West London Nhs Foundation Trust, Mortimer Market Centre.

Prof. Magnus Gisslén
Head of the HIV unit at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
Editor in chief, HIV & Virology News